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Our team at Petroff Center, led by our double board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Mark A. Petroff, knows what an important and impactful decision it can be to choose plastic surgery. Even more important is deciding on the correct plastic surgeon to perform each procedure. Dr. Petroff wants all his patients to be well informed and knowledgeable about his practice before making a firm decision. We have provided a complete list of all of our reviews and testimonials that allow everyone to have insight into our treatment process and what the potential experience could be like. We invite everyone considering plastic surgery to read through our reviews to make the most informed choice for their life-changing decision. 

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Review from M.C.  |  Source: Yelp  |  Mar 07, 2019

I have spent most of my career in a helping profession and teaching others how to help. I teach the importance of self-care and the replenishing the mind, body, and spirit. Yet, I did not follow my own advice - for years - and it impacted my health and my appearance. I met Dr. Petroff when he performed the most beautiful rhinoplasty on my daughter and was immediately impressed with his professionalism, bedside manner, and skill. At the time, I was just so pleased my daughter was in safe hands. But he and his staff are infectious in their commitment to patients and to meaningful and thoughtful engagement with their patients. I took the plunge and decided, for my own wellbeing, I would invest in myself with the works - facelift, rhinoplasty, and whatever else Dr. Petroff would suggest. In our first meeting he listened with empathy, heard the meaning behind my words, and said no. He told me I didn't need "the works." He told me exactly what he would choose to help me look like a healthier, younger version of me. He told me he thought I looked sweet and he could make me look sweeter. It was not a line. He was turning down work to give me what I was really asking for. That is integrity. From the moment I said yes, his entire staff - from scheduling to nursing to accounting - were attentive, clear, informative, and thorough. I knew exactly what Dr. Petroff would do, how he would do it, and who would help him. His staff called regularly to schedule and confirm appointments. Those appointments were never cancelled and I was always seen on time. Even his anesthesiologist was sweet, well-informed, and pro-active. She called before surgery to review her plan, reiterated it the day of surgery, and followed it exactly. Surgery went perfectly and just as described. I followed their directions for my aftercare and relied on their workbook (yes, they give you a workbook to outline the surgery, procedures, recovery, and it even emphasize the emotional impact of the surgery and recovery process). I am two weeks out from surgery. I have had two ultrasound appointments to reduce swelling (heavenly), a makeup session to learn to cover bruising (licensed estheticians), my staples and stitches removed by two different nurses with the most steady and gentle hands ever, and regular check-ups with Dr. Petroff. I know that people who watch too much television about plastic surgery might think this is a vanity field. I know that for Dr. Petroff and his staff, this is not about vanity. They genuinely understand that how we look is a reflection of how we feel and how we feel is reflected in how we look. By honoring their clients, they honor the value of self care. And, I wish he was not so busy because, besides his surgical skills, if I could download his interviewing techniques and employee training and management principles, I would. The staff is remarkable - without exception. Thank you, thank you, thank you all! More

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