Meet Our Team

17 Team Members
  • Heidi Strickland

    Heidi Strickland

    Clinic Administrator

    Heidi Strickland is our Clinic Administrator who manages all aspects of the Petroff Center practice and day to day operations and employee management.

  • Dr. Mark A. Petroff

    Dr. Mark A. Petroff

    Medical Director

    Dr. Mark A. Petroff is a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon who has dedicated his career to enhancing his patients' appearance and lives.

  • Dr. Brian Scott

    Dr. Brian Scott

    Plastic Surgeon

    Dr. Brian Scott is a board-certified surgeon who is actively involved in advancing the field of facial plastic surgery.

  • Brianne McCann

    Brianne McCann

    Surgical Coordinator

    Brianne McCann works with every surgery patient to ensure that their treatments are scheduled efficiently & everyone receives an excellent experience.

  • Cade Sarganis

    Cade Sarganis

    Patient Coordinator

  • Carly Swanson

    Carly Swanson

    Medical Assistant

    Carly Swanson is our trusted medical assistant who supports each patient before and after their treatment.

  • Karen Petroff

    Karen Petroff

    Marketing Coordinator

    Karen Petroff has extensive knowledge and background in sales and marketing; she is responsible for all aspects of advertising for the practice.

  • Melissa Plusquellec

    Melissa Plusquellec


    Melissa Plusquellec is our licensed esthetician and medical assistant performing cosmetic procedures and assisting with Surgical Patients.

  • Whitney Labby

    Whitney Labby

    Esthetician/Medical Assistant

    Whitney Labby is an experienced esthetician and medical assistant who helps our patients transform and improve their skin and complexion.

  • Karli Annett

    Karli Annett


    Karli Annett is an experienced licensed esthetician specializing in laser and skincare treatments.

  • Brittany McKinster

    Brittany McKinster


  • Deanna Finley

    Deanna Finley

    Registered Nurse

    Deanna Finley is our ASC Registered Nurse manager who oversees the flow of our surgery center while insuring patient and employee safety.

  • Christy Fobi

    Christy Fobi

    Registered Nurse

    Christy Fobi is a Registered Nurse who works directly with Dr. Petroff, providing professional care in all aspects of the practice.

  • Jackie MacDonald, CST

    Jackie MacDonald, CST

    Certified Surgical Tech.

    Jackie MacDonald is our certified surgical technologist who directly assists and works alongside Dr. Petroff during each surgery to ensure accuracy.

  • Chelsea Swar

    Chelsea Swar

    Certified Surgical Tech

  • Andrea Johnson

    Andrea Johnson

    Registered Nurse Anesthetist

    Andrea Johnson provides sedation to our surgical patients to ensure the best possible surgical experience.

  • Tiffany Bui

    Tiffany Bui

    Registered Nurse Anesthetist

    Tiffany Bui provides sedation to our surgical patients. She strives to give the best possible care to each patient she sees.