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Meet Our Team

12 Team Members
  • Dr. Mark A. Petroff

    Dr. Mark A. Petroff

    Medical Director

    Dr. Mark A. Petroff is a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon who has dedicated his career to enhancing his patients' appearance and lives.

  • Karen Petroff

    Karen Petroff

    Marketing Coordinator

    Karen Petroff has extensive knowledge and background in sales and marketing; she is responsible for all aspects of advertising for the practice.

  • Krista Donahue

    Krista Donahue


    Krista Donahue is our administrator who is responsible for all coordination and management of the clinic, Medi-Spa, and surgery center.

  • Mallory Melius

    Mallory Melius

    Patient Coordinator

    Mallory Melius works with all of our medical staff and patients to ensure that they're receiving the most optimal treatment plan and excellent care.

  • Brianne Laws

    Brianne Laws

    Surgical Coordinator

    Brianne Laws works with every surgery patient to ensure that their treatments are scheduled efficiently and everyone receives an excellent experience.

  • Jocelyn Brunette, RN

    Jocelyn Brunette, RN

    ASC Nurse Manager

    Jocelyn is a true professional, as our Nurse Manager, she coordinates all aspects of the patient’s surgical care, pre & post operatively.

  • Jackie MacDonald, CST

    Jackie MacDonald, CST

    Certified Surgical Tech.

    Jackie MacDonald is our certified surgical technologist who directly assists and works alongside Dr. Petroff during each surgery to ensure accuracy.

  • Heidi Strickland

    Heidi Strickland

    Medical Assistant

    Heidi Strickland is our trusted medical assistant who has been working with us for years, assisting each patient before and after their treatment.

  • Karli Annett

    Karli Annett

    Esthetician/Medical Assistant

    Karli Annett serves as our medical assistant and esthetician, administering minor procedures and skin rejuvenating treatments safely to patients.

  • Jenna Foster

    Jenna Foster

    Esthetician/Medical Assistant

    Jenna Foster is our licensed esthetician and medical assistant; Dr. Petroff trusts her completely to perform cosmetic procedures in our Medi-Spa.

  • Whitney Zimmer

    Whitney Zimmer

    Esthetician/Medical Assistant

    Whitney Zimmer is an experienced esthetician and medical assistant who helps our patients transform and improve their skin and complexion.

  • Debra Heiser, RN

    Debra Heiser, RN

    Surgical Nurse

    Debra Heiser is one of our trusted surgical nurses and surgical assistants who works alongside Dr. Petroff to provide our patients with quality care.