DiamondGlow™ in Lake Oswego, OR

What is DiamondGlow®?

Here at Petroff Center Plastic Surgery & Medi-Spa, we now offer DiamondGlow™ to provide our patients with a step above the other traditional facial treatments on the market. Unlike other exfoliating treatments, which may lean heavily on strong and abrasive chemicals to strip the skin's surface, DiamondGlow utilizes a diamond-tipped tool that accomplishes the same skin resurfacing purpose without needing harsh chemical exfoliants. At the Petroff Center, your DiamondGlow will offer you a unique three-in-one treatment, offering exfoliation, extraction, and infusion with a lavish serum-based routine, resulting in a deep clean, firming, and radiance treatment all at once. Contact our Lake Oswego, OR office today to find out more about DiamondGlow and get your treatment scheduled today.

Should I try DiamondGlow?

Because of its versatile treatment offerings, DiamondGlow is an ideal choice for patients who come through our Lake Oswego, OR office with a host of skin concerns. If you are looking to combat signs of aging, dry skin, fine lines, texture, or dullness, then a DiamondGlow facial may be ideal for addressing one or many of those complaints. This treatment is gentle and efficient, so you can expect to be free to return to your normal daily activities immediately following treatment, making this an ideal option for patients looking to improve their skin with low time commitments.

What should I expect from my DiamondGlow treatment?

At the beginning of your treatment, your esthetician will start by cleansing your face to clean off any makeup, residue, or bacteria that may have been present, ensuring a clean and sanitized surface for the DiamondGlow tip. Throughout the various stages of treatment, the tip on the DiamondGlow will change to buff away dead skin cells, targeting cells that are contributing to hyperpigmentation, texture, and dullness and revealing a fresh, revitalized layer of skin underneath. Unlike other facials, in which exfoliation, infusion, and extraction are three separate steps, the DiamondGlow's three-in-one treatment targets all of these skin goals silmultaneously, yielding quicker and more effective overall treatment. You can expect the entire procedure to last around 30 minutes.

Dr. Petroff was the most humble, amazing doctor I have ever met. I would recommend him and his team to anyone looking to have a medical procedure done. I have never felt so comfortable with a medical team, where I knew from the beginning that this is the place I 100% want to have my surgery done at. Every single person I met there was friendly, organized, and very professional. He is an amazing doctor that has an incredible gift and he has a whole team that makes his practice so ideal.

K. Healthgrades

Dr. Scott saw me last minute to finish a dermatology procedure. He is amazing. Excellently trained and brings all the other goodies to the table. The staff is professional and personable. My “new” plastics/med spa folks!

C.N. Google

Dr. Scott and the entire staff at the Petroff center are incredible at what they do. They take your care and comfort very seriously and I am so glad I took the plunge and decided to make the 4 hour trip to go to him for my chin lipo. People are amazed at my results and they are just beginning. Special mention to my anesthesiologist, I wish I could remember her name. She really calmed my nerves with her presence and called after the procedure to check on me. I even got sent home with some beautiful flowers! Dr. Scott has deleted my biggest insecurity and I only wish I went to him sooner!

B.R. Google

Everyone is so wonderful. From Dr Scott, Christy the nurse, and all staff members are very patient and answer all of your questions. Very, very professional and accommodating.

J.M. Google

Best experience, the staff were all so sweet and informational very good with pre care and post op care. I have nothing negative to say with my experience at the Petroff center recommend 10/10.

J.T. Google


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What happens after my treatment?

DiamondGlow treatments are quick and gentle enough that you will experience mild to no side effects following treatment. The most you may see, even for sensitive skin types, is some redness and sun sensitivity, so be sure to avoid direct sun contact the day of your DiamondGlow. When first beginning treatment, we recommend scheduling follow-up treatments every 4-6 weeks until optimal results are reached. Once you are satisfied with how your skin looks, you may reduce your treatment schedule to every few months just to maintain the results you have achieved.

Smooth, clarify, and DiamondGlow today!

At Petroff Center Plastic Surgery & Medi-Spa, we care about providing a range of our patients with treatments that address multiple skin needs in one simple appointment. Through treating and enhancing your skin, DiamondGlow does just that, all within one simple "glow-and-go" procedure. To learn more or schedule your DiamondGlow treatment today, contact our office in Lake Oswego, OR, to set up a time with our skilled team.

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