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Rosacea is a common yet chronic and potentially life-disrupting skin disorder. People diagnosed with this condition typically experience redness of the face and often present small, red, pus-filled bumps. In some cases, rosacea may also occur on the neck, chest, scalp, or ears. Rosacea is often characterized by numerous flare-ups and periods of remission. Our team at Petroff Center Plastic Surgery and Medi-Spa, led by facial plastic surgeons Dr. Mark A. Petroff and Dr. Brian Scott, is able to treat rosacea using IPL (intense pulsed light). At our practice in Lake Oswego, OR, we offer the Prolite II, which is an IPL system that uses focused energy to target and break down the red blood cells found in areas with rosacea. Our patients have shown significant reduction of redness after undergoing this treatment, and we invite anyone who is interested to schedule a consultation today. 

Best Candidates

Patients who make the best candidates for an IPL treatment are:

  • Those suffering from moderate to severe rosacea
  • Patients who are seeking long-term restoration for their skin
  • Patients who have had little success with topical or oral treatments
  • In overall good health with a strong immune system

What to Expect

The Prolite II offers a noninvasive, safe, and effective solution which restores a youthful appearance. This process is known as photorejuvenation. Prolite II treatments require no downtime and can be combined with other procedures to achieve maximum results without invasive surgery. 4 - 6 treatments are recommended for optimal results, and treatments are performed approximately 4 - 6 weeks apart. It should be a minimally painful process that typically lasts only 30 - 45 minutes depending on the area being treated. 

Anticipated Results

The results from an IPL treatment will vary, but patients can see gradually clearer skin after each treatment, with full results usually appearing 1 month after their last session. Results can be long lasting if the patient follows a good skincare regimen. It is generally recommended that patients schedule touch-up treatments 6 - 12 months after their last session and continue annual maintenance appointments for ideal results. 

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Reduce Your Rosacea Today

Rosacea can appear in millions of men and women of all ages. If you're looking for a long-term solution that reduces the redness caused by rosacea, then our team at Petroff Center would be happy to schedule your IPL treatments today. Give our office a call to get started. 

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