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About Microneedling

Also known as collagen induction therapy, microneedling triggers the body’s natural regenerative properties to rebuild collagen and elastin in the skin. Using nothing more than a few incredibly fine needles that create small punctures in the skin, microneedling can achieve comprehensive skin rejuvenation that works on a wide range of conditions such as acne, sun damage, wrinkles, and more. There’s no sutures, lasers, or incisions needed – it’s just the patient and their skin. With its advanced mechanism, microneedling is the key to rejuvenating the skin with no downtime and no painful recovery. Dr. Petroff, Dr. Scott, and their team at Petroff Center Plastic Surgery and Medi-Spa proudly use the trusted Rejuvapen to deliver every microneedling treatment. Patients are encouraged to learn more about the technique by scheduling a consultation at our Lake Oswego, OR practice. 

Best Candidates

The best candidates for a microneedling procedure will have one or more of the following:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Acne scars
  • Burns
  • Sun damage
  • Large pores
  • A desire for a nonsurgical restoration technique

What to Expect

A microneedling treatment at Petroff Center can be performed right here in our medical office after the patient has consulted with one of our team members. Before the treatment, we’ll apply a numbing medicine to make sure the patient is comfortable. On average, the treatment takes 30 – 40 minutes to complete, and the patient will be able to return to their daily activities right after the treatment.

Anticipated Results

Since microneedling is nonsurgical, our patients can enjoy their results with no downtime and no recovery period. Our patients who undergo microneedling at our office might experience some redness and swelling in the treatment area – almost like a sunburn. These are only mild side effects and they typically last for only 2 – 4 days (although this will all depend on how the patient's skin responds to the microneedling treatment). Some of our patients have been able to heal after 24 hours. We highly recommend that patients undergo a series of multiple treatments to get the best microneedling results. The number of treatments will depend on the amount of correction that is needed, the condition of the skin, and what conditions are being treated. The results all depend on each patient's individual response to the process, but they should expect their results to appear gradually. 

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$350 - $1,200
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1 Hour
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Improve Your Complexion

Microneedling has become a popular collagen-induction technique that our staff at Petroff Center highly recommends to all of our patients. After a few treatment sessions, patients can have visibly clearer, brighter, and more even skin that looks radiant and younger. Begin your treatments today or learn more by scheduling a consultation at our Lake Oswego, OR practice. 

*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models.